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How to fill NC

What is Netmarble Cash?

Netmarble Cash(=NC) is the currency used throughout all Netmarble services.

You can use NC for buying helpful items to smoothen your game play.

You can choice various payment method for buying NC like Paypal, credit cards, pre-paid card, etc...

How do I get NC?

You can fill NC on Netmarble Launcher. (Please remember that you can only fill your NC on Netmarble Launcher.)

Step 1. If you don't have Netmarble Launcher yet, install and run it.
Netmarble Launcher Install
Step 2. After sign in, you can see 'Fill NC' button. Click!
Step 3. Now, you can see new window below.
Step 4. Select your payment method and continue charging.

⋅ If you have any problem with charging process, please ask us and we will get back to you shortly.   Ask Us