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Abuse Report



We are taking action against users who violate the Terms of Use Agreement or abuse other users. Depending on the severity of abuse, We may penalize abusive users without notice or warnings.
All Abuse Reports and accompanying evidence will be thoroughly reviewed according to our Terms of Use. We will take action against users who make fake reports.


If an abuse report is valid after our review, we will apply the following penalties to the Abusive user

  • 1st : Warning
  • 2nd : 2-days Account Suspension
  • 3rd : 7-days Account Suspension
  • 4th : 10-days Account Suspension
  • 5th : Permanent Suspension (Account Permanently Banned)


  • Inappropriate Comments (sexual, racial, abusive, obscene etc)
  • Disruption of Game
  • Illegal Selling and Buying
  • Infringing Intellectual Property Rights (patents, copyrights etc)
  • Inappropriate Conduct (begging, spreading game cracks etc)
  • Disruptive Game play
  • Illegal Billings or Payments
  • Activities that violate laws and regulations
  • Spam or Advertising
  • Threads Irrelevant to Discussion Description
  • Inappropriate Postings (harassment, trolling etc)

This is the message you see when you click on an ID to see profile, chat etc.
Netmarble is a public website where all gamers are welcome. Please help us keep our gaming environment safe and healthy
by following the regulations.

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